Resonance de Femme

Artist Statement 

Resonance de Femme

This series of images merges the exquisite beauty of objects and nature with the figure féminine nuge to produce unique digital paintings.

This subject is always mesmerizing, alluring, tantalizing, mysterious, exciting, confronting and beautiful, which is why it forms the centre piece for this series of work

I enjoy the ambiguity the media provides as it moves between the diversity of drawing, painting, printmaking and digital imagery

The subtlety and complexity of the concept is virtually a bottomless pit of the forms that are full of vibrant colour.

The figure féminine nuge is one of the most powerful forms in the history of art,  always presenting an engaging, sensual and provocative focus for the viewer, regardless of their gender. The figure féminine nuge  also has connotations to mother nature and the origins of life further imbuing the composition with deeper significance.

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