Resonance de Femme

Artist Statement 

Resonance de Femme

This series of images merges the exquisite beauty of objects and nature with the figure féminine nuge to produce unique digital paintings.

This subject is always mesmerizing, alluring, tantalizing, mysterious, exciting, confronting and beautiful, which is why it forms the centre piece for this series of work

I enjoy the ambiguity the media provides as it moves between the diversity of drawing, painting, printmaking and digital imagery

The subtlety and complexity of the concept is virtually a bottomless pit of the forms that are full of vibrant colour.

The figure féminine nuge is one of the most powerful forms in the history of art,  always presenting an engaging, sensual and provocative focus for the viewer, regardless of their gender. The figure féminine nuge  also has connotations to mother nature and the origins of life further imbuing the composition with deeper significance.Related: list of former red arrows pilots, kxii news anchors, 2485 hurontario street, logan high school mascot, homemade ice cream recipe for ice cream maker, basf se address germany, hancock county ohio active warrants, washington state missing child, zellda, zenyatta filly, albanian gypsy surnames, 245d license structure, police incident in burscough today, can you go to annabel’s without being a member, houston dash salaries, mt vernon dream homes used inventory,Related: danny duncan friends, is tomorite good for olive trees, workday functional consultant resume, vauxhall, liverpool crime, electric motorcycle license california, justin moorhouse wife, morisset abandoned mental hospital address, return of divine emperor wiki, oversexualization trauma, bette davis hairstyles, harvard plastic surgery residency salary, south kingstown dui arrests, stephens funeral home obits pryor, ok, wild harvest muscle relaxer side effects, drew bledsoe injury diagnosis,Related: arma 3 server config location, colonial heights police reports, aidan turner news 2022, huntz hall son, how to connect a landline phone to a modem, rubber band snapping sensation in head, miranda rae mayo partner 2022, my dog ate ibuprofen and is fine, peter cancro first wife, aabb asia broadband, best fishing spots in texas, smitty’s windham menu, car alarm keeps going off honda civic, 2003 nascar paint schemes, helping hands recovery house miami,Related: nj state pba silver life card, davis funeral home obituaries, timothy treadwell mort enregistrement, killaloe march trooping of the colour, 474th infantry regiment, accident on 364 st charles today, ruth chris happy hour, boston federal court sentencing, bonura hospitality group lawsuit, michael learned and amanda blake sisters, gemini moon negative traits, coffee shop marketing mix example, did tom laughlin serve in the military, gel gloss rv wash and wax foam cannon, airline commander coming soon,Related: i would appreciate any feedback you can provide, edmond north high school jaxon, game of life rockstar edition rules, rustdesk unattended access, stefan alexander moon, salem country club menu, germantown, md crime news, martin luther king funeral home albany, ga obituaries, kathy fields husband, did anyone died at edc orlando 2021, richardson’s ice cream ingredients, luddenham raceway lap record, is susan lee hoffman related to dustin hoffman, rappers without kids, adelaide to stansbury by boat,Related: similarities between theocracy and dictatorship, best hair salons in hudson valley, ny, wright state basketball coach, does danielle macdonald really sing in falling for figaro, chemical guys nonsense vs total interior, chris trujillo new mexico, what happened to doug cooper on who radio, how to find meteorites in your backyard, twisted tea alcohol content vs beer, germany court records, power a fusion pro 2 firmware update 2021, gemini account hacked, kyle kennedy kerr accident, johns hopkins phlebotomy lab locations, liquid chlorophyll and birth control,Related: eddie kendricks funeral pictures, shriner parade cars for sale, meatloaf recipe for dogs with kidney disease, what does spinal cord signal change mean, sophia naima trucks, medical internship in poland for international students, lancashire live garstang, what does the blue circle mean on match, possession of imitation firearm, bsa a65 electric start conversion, katherine’s collection clearance, where does anson mount live in connecticut, charlotte sine wiki, marty odlin, running tide, 1 bedroom apartments for rent syracuse, ny,

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